This provision is mainly for students that have come to The Oswaldtwistle School under the umbrella of a medical referral through the Medical Panel, their mainstream school and ELCAS. (East Lancashire Child and Adolescent Service). It is a small nurturing environment that enables those young people that struggle with the daily hustle and bustle of a mainstream secondary to be able to ‘re-set’ their educational clocks to enable them to flourish. Some may then be able to return to their school, some may remain at Oswaldtwistle and some may transfer a school more suitable to meet their needs, (this may include statutory assessment in partnership with their mainstream school for an Education, health, care Plan EHCP). 

It is at the discretion of the Head Teacher of Oswaldtwistle which site a student is educated on, however every effort is made to best match the young person with the setting that we feel will benefit them in every way. 

Generally the student has regular reviews with the staff at Oswaldtwistle, their mainstream staff and their parents/ carers to track their progress whilst at the Heys site on a medical intervention placement. This is usually for 2 academic terms and reviewed in the light of all evidence as to the next steps for that young person. 

The expectations are exactly the same on the Heys site for attendance, punctuality, behaviour, uniform and progress as on the main site and students are expected to follow these. 

At the Heys we teach the following GCSEs

Mathematics (Edexcel)

Science (AQA Trilogy)

Art (AQA)


Religious Studies (OCR)

English Language (AQA)

We also have Physical Education and PSHE lesson, but we do not offer a qualification for these.


KS3 students have the same timetabled lessons, and work is differentiated to meet their needs.


Heys Science homework