Intervention Programme and Referrals for Mainstream Schools

Secondary schools in Hyndburn, Rossendale and the Ribble Valley can refer students for an Intervention place, if they are experiencing behavioural difficulties and who may be at risk of permanent exclusion.

Intervention places are dependent on the school's capacity with Statutory students (Permanently Excluded and Medical students) and they are at the discretion of the Head teacher. The duration and focus of the intervention is agreed at the point of referral with the young person remaining on the dual-roll of both the referring school and Oswaldtwistle School during the placement and until reintegration takes place back to the same school or to a different mainstream school if this is agreed.


A referral form can be downloaded below and should be fully completed and posted or e-mailed to the address on the form; together with a range of background information listed on the form.

Details of the Intervention Programmes we are planning to offer in the Academic Year 2023 -2024 can be viewed below:

Intervention Packages - Referral Forms

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Permanently Excluded Pupils

Oswaldtwistle School provides education for students who are permanently excluded from their mainstream secondary school and serves the Hyndburn, Rossendale and Ribble Valley areas of East Lancashire. Referrals for permanently excluded students come via the Local Authority’s Pupil Access Team.


Medical Pupils

We also accept referrals for young people working with the East Lancashire Child and Adolescent Service (ELCAS) and experiencing a range of medical conditions and anxieties which make attendance at mainstream school difficult for part of their secondary school career.

For medical referrals, please see below.

Medical Referral Form & Supporting Documents

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Referrals must be supported by a consultant’s letter and the Referral form and all paperwork must be completed by the Mainstream school where the young person is on roll please do NOT submit Medical referrals directly to The Oswaldtwistle School as they are to be submitted directly to


At The Oswaldtwistle School we expect pupils to attend every day, as long as they are fit and healthy enough to do so.

What is “good” attendance?

Anything less than 100% attendance means that your child is missing out on their education.

Did you know?

90% attendance = missing 1 day per week OR 1 whole month a year off school. 



For students who are with us on a long-term basis, uniform should be as below. For those students who are with us on short term intervention, the uniform of their mainstream school can be worn. We would really appreciate your full support in regard to school uniform so as to avoid unnecessary confrontation with your child and would like to emphasize that tracksuit bottoms, branded sweatshirts and non-black trainers are not acceptable.



Black trousers

Black trousers or black or grey skirt

White shirt or white polo shirt

White shirt or white polo shirt

Black Oswaldtwistle school jumper

Black Oswaldtwistle school jumper

Black shoes/trainers

Black shoes/trainers


School Meals and Packed Lunches

School meals are provided by Miss Dady (our on-site school cook), who prepares fresh meals daily.  School meals cost £2.50 per day and must be paid for either in advance or on the day. Parents who think their children are eligible for Free School Meals should mention this when visiting the school, or contact Lancashire County Council on 01772 531809 to apply. Children may bring packed lunches, but as a healthy school would ask that this is a healthy packed lunch