Making Christmas Decorations

Image of Making Christmas Decorations

Today at Harwes the group made Christmas decorations. They had to saw the wood, drill a hole then decorate with a picture of their choice. Donovan is Santa's kindred spirit, he's danced and sang to Xmas songs ALL day!

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Team work at Harwes Farm

Image of Team work at Harwes Farm

Herding the Sheep (Teamwork) - We all worked together to help herd the sheep from one field to another. We had to work out where each of us needed to stand and what we needed to do to stop the sheep from running the wrong way.

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The Accrington Pals

Image of The Accrington Pals

The Sanctuary group have been learning about the First World War. They visited an exhibition at Oswaldtwistle Mills to learn about the part the Accrington Pals played in the war.

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New Born Lambs at Harwes Farm

Image of New Born Lambs at Harwes Farm

Today at Harwes Farm so of the pupils met the new arrivals. Lilibet and Jubilee were born to Penelope on Tuesday 17th May. The lambs have to be bottle fed as Mum doesn’t produce enough milk. Mum looks after them in every other way though and they are doing brilliantly. Even big brother Scott had…

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Work Experience

Image of Work Experience

Three of our students have been on work experience. The work experience is organised as part of a course run by the Calico Group, which is a large local provider of community service in housing, healthcare, support, employability and construction. Oswaldtwistle School and Calico have been…

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Pancake DAY 2022

Image of Pancake DAY 2022

As a form, Beacon worked together to make some pancakes on March 1st – PANCAKE DAY.

Some worked out better than others but everyone had the opportunity to try a pancake, even some of the staff.

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4 Techmoto

Image of 4 Techmoto

A group of pupils has started level 1 course in motor vehicle engineering at 4 Techmoto. 

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Visit to Lancaster Castle

Image of Visit to Lancaster Castle

The trip to Lancaster Castle was amazing. The behaviour was impeccable and our pupils asked relevant questions during the tour.

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