Notice 11/02/2022

Please click on the link to Find a walk in covid-19 vaccination site

School Nurses will be on Wednesday 2nd March to complete the 12-15 roll out of coronavirus vaccinations. Please contact the school office for further information.


Notice 23/10/2020
Family School Health Support Team

If you need to contact us about confirmed cases of corona-virus, please contact the School Health Support Team on 01772 531555 so that they can report directly to us the date /name/ school of confirmed cases.  If preferred, you can also email details to the Covid19 Education inbox using the link below:

Their Early Help Partnership Officers (EHPOs) will collate reported cases daily, alert Public Health colleagues and will send a single daily update to the Headteacher, so that immediate contacts can be alerted. Schools can then contact families to advise of self-isolation.

Coronavirus Information

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Parents - Help with home educating your children

The Government have put together a list of online education resources for home education. Click here for access.

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