We want to be the champions of the young people in our care and with that comes the great responsibility and desire that we share with our students, parents/guardians, community and partnership schools to create a culture of respecting, believing, achieving and becoming for our resilient learners.

Our shared beliefs and values are:

A RESPECTFUL environment.

A hunger for improvement, everyone can ACHIEVE.

To BELIEVE in all.

Holding hope for every young person to BECOME the best they can.

Every gain is a victory, no matter how small, for everyone.


Our Aims:

At The Oswaldtwistle School students can:

  • Focus on goals an challenges for all to BECOME a new learner
  • Have a sense of pride in their improvements and ACHIEVEMENTS
  • Find their Individual Learning Pathway to reach their full potential
  • Share and BELIEVE an ethos of ‘Every day is a Fresh Start’ with behaviour difficulties

To realise these aims staff at The Oswaldtswistle School are committed to:

  • A sense of pride and positivity in their dealings with all at the school community
  • Mutual RESPECT for all learners no matter what the barriers are to learning
  • Supporting and developing the Individual Learning Pathways 
  • Bespoke Curriculum to ensure positive ACHIEVEMENT for all

But above all:

Provide Young People with a Second Chance in education; preparing them for their Future.